Our teachers come from a variety of disciplines, but all have a commitment to classical Christian education and helping our member families along that path.  


Dr. Douglas Erwin, Ph.D, Western Civilization, Great Books Discussion group leader 
Mrs. Heidi Griffith, Logic, Grammar Level History and Literature
Mrs. Leslie McCrea, Omnibus, Classical Writing, Arts and Culture
Mr. Aaron Pauls, Latin, Pre-Algebra
Mr. Alex Saks, Spanish 
Mrs. Beth Saks, Latin, Grammar Level Grammar and Writing
Ms. Rebekah Saks, Latin, Logic
Mrs. Leslie Schwager, Classical Rhetoric, English Composition
Mrs. Susan Thurlow, Omnibus, Grammar Level History and Literature
Mrs. Cathy Ziel, Grammar Level History, Literature, Grammar, Latin

Maths and Sciences:

Mrs. Connie Bradley, Algebra 2, Geometry, Functions, Statistics, Pre-Calculus
Dr. Kenneth Dieter, Ph.D, Physics
Mrs. Natalie Gragert, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
Ms. Allie Juergensen, Algebra 1
Mrs. Barbara Pauls, Pre-Algebra 
Mrs. Shelly Stark, Physical Science, Chemistry